Custom Cabinet Styles

Modern Cabinetry

Contemporary Cabinetry Crafted for Modern Living

Our custom modern cabinets infuse any space with sleek, contemporary style. We combine clean lines, minimalist elements, and smart functionality to create design-forward cabinetry tailored to your modern tastes.

Custom cabinet ideas
PCW Custom Cabinetry Design Living Room fireplace shelves stevenswood midnight run

Characteristics of Modern Cabinetry

Modern kitchen and bathroom cabinets are defined by:

  • Streamlined proportions free of ornamentation
  • Flat slab cabinet door fronts for a minimalist look
  • Integrated handles to maintain the clean facade
  • Neutral color palettes like bright whites or rich walnut
  • Ample use of glass, metals, and high-gloss lacquers
  • Innovative storage solutions and organizing features
Personalized cabinetry projects

Customized for Your Unique Modern Aesthetic

During the design consultation, we’ll collaborate to create a custom modern cabinetry layout aligned with your specific style. Choices may include:

  • Mix of open shelving and full-door cabinets
  • Floating cabinet look with concealed hardware
  • LED lighting for drama
  • Metal finishes like matte black, brass, or nickel
  • Soft-close doors and drawers for a luxurious feel

Bringing Your Modern Vision to Life

With CAD software, CNC machining, and hand-finishing, our craftspeople build your contemporary cabinets to perfection. Our modern cabinetry adds functional beauty to kitchens, baths, offices, and anywhere you desire streamlined sophistication.

Contact us today to create your custom modern cabinetry masterpiece!