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Rift White Oak Cabinetry

Stunning Rift White Oak Cabinets

Cherished for its beautiful variations and durability, White Oak makes a sophisticated statement in any space. We craft premium custom cabinets using rift white oak, renowned as the finest cut available.

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The Allure of Rift White Oak

What makes rift white oak so covetable?

  • Rich yet subtle grain patterns with waves and streaks offer depth.
  • The rift cut results in a straight, uniform grain appearance.
  • White oak has excellent stability perfect for cabinetry.
  • Takes stain evenly and finishes beautifully.
  • Durable enough for generations of use.
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Custom Cabinetry Crafted to Perfection

We source the highest quality rift white oak directly from sustainably managed forests in the Midwest. Our artisans hand-finish each piece, accentuating the wood’s innate beauty through:

  • A range of staining from light to darker walnut hues
  • Natural oil finishes to enhance and protect
  • Highlighting distinctive medullary rays with wire-brushing
  • Optional grey-washing for a weathered look

Make a Statement with Rift White Oak Cabinets

Let us create eye-catching custom cabinetry using this beloved American wood. Contact us to design your rift white oak masterpiece today!